AHC Premium Capture Collagen Ampoule 75ml from Korea_E

AHC Premium Capture Collagen Ampoule 75ml from Korea_E

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# Whitening, wrinkle improvement dual functional cosmetics

  • Intensive Nutrition Care
    • Nourishing ampoule containing collagen and peptides to help skin lasticity. Softly absorbed without stickiness for healthy and firm skin
  • Skin vitality filling
    • Propolis extract and rice callus extract that energizes the skin provide rich nutrition to tired skin and help to make shiny and smooth skin
  • Moisturizing and vitality
    • Ampoule containing cactus stem extract not only nourish but also maintains skin's moisturizing ability to prevent dryness and care for moist skin
  • Premium Capture Collagen Ampoule Mechanism
    • The active ingredient is absorbed by the skin and forms a thin protective film that protects moisture and nutrients from easily escaping to the outside
  • 75ml


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