Primera Baby AtoTreat Cream 150ml from Korea_C

Primera Baby AtoTreat Cream 150ml from Korea_C

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Special moisturizing cream that improves skin’s health by relieving itchiness caused by dehydration

  • Miracle Moisture Ato-ceramide technology protects and enhances skin barrier
    • Ceramide, fatty acid, and cholesterol, the skin components, exist in the same lamella structure as the skin layers and act as a skin barrier once applied to the skin.
  • Naturally-derived ingredients beneficial for relieving irritation
    • The high concentration of naturally-derived ingredients relieves the itchiness of the skin. Also, houttuynia cordata bud extract soothes the skin irritated by external elements.
  • 7-Free System
    • 7-Free system:  no ethanol, artificial color, artificial fragrance, paraben, mineral, animal ingredient, or phthalate.
  • 150ml


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