2 x BEYOND Angel Aqua Moist Cream 150ml from Korea_C

2 x BEYOND Angel Aqua Moist Cream 150ml from Korea_C

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Free of 7 harmful substances, this jumbo-size moisturizing cream replenishes rich moisture all year round for a dewy and healthy complexion.

  • Free of 7 harmfun substances 
    • Contains no synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, tar colour, ethanol, petroleum-based surfactant, animal-derived ingredients, and parabens
  • Soothing & Moisturizing
    • Formulated with skin-soothing ingredient micro-hyaluronic acid for thorough moisturization
  • A Refreshing Formula
    • Has a refreshing gel formula that moisturizes skin without stickiness and greasiness
  • 2 x 150ml


BEYOND, an eco-friendly skincare brand for people, animals, and our nature.

Tip) At the alst step of your skincare ritual, gently absorb a small amount into skin as if laying down a moisture barrier.


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