[MEN] HERA Homme Essence In Skin 125ml from Korea_T
[MEN] HERA Homme Essence In Skin 125ml from Korea_T

[MEN] HERA Homme Essence In Skin 125ml from Korea_T

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An anti-aging toner containing Penta-Power Complex™, a highly functional texture leaving the skin looking bright, elastic, and full of youthfulness
  • Powerful fluid for energizing and revitalizing
    • Contains 87.2% essence comprising of Penta-Power Complex™ to revitalize men’s skin through the delivery of energy.
  • Boosting the skin’s natural strength
    • It thoroughly works to treat the five major problems of men’s skin - namely excess sebum, pores, dry skin, skin tone and wrinkles and, at the same time, gives a boost to the skin’s natural strength.
  • Caffeine to strengthen the skin barrier and boost energy
    • Caffeine, as a moisturizing ingredient specialized for men’s skin, strengthens the skin barrier to help it stay moisturized and healthy.
  • Powerful energizing Penta-Power Complex™ for men’s skin
    • HERA HOMME developed a special functional ingredient named Penta-Power Complex™ through an extensive study on men’s skin. It is composed of caffeine, a moisturizing ingredient especially good for men’s skin, plus vitamin B3 and B5 derivatives, amino acids and minerals to give healthy and vibrant skin.
  • 125ml


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