Su:m37 LosecSumma Elixir July 2021 Set (10 Items) from Korea

Su:m37 LosecSumma Elixir July 2021 Set (10 Items) from Korea

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# It is a luxury cosmetic product line that helps enhance the strength of the skin and
attain it's came based on inspiration derived from the fermentation remedies preserved
and refined over centuries.

  • Contents : 1 Pack (10 Items)
  1. LosecSumma Elixir Skin Softener 150 ml
  2. LosecSumma Elixir Emulsion 130 ml
  3. LosecSumma Elixir Skin Softener 20 ml
  4. LosecSumma Elixir Emulsion 20 ml
  5. LosecSumma Elixir Eye Cream 4ml
  6. LosecSumma Elixir Essence 8ml
  7. LosecSumma Elixir Treatment 20ml 
  8. LosecSumma Elixir Cream Lumiere 10ml
  9. LosecSumma Elixir Gel to Oil Cleanser 40ml
  10. LosecSumma Elixir Foam Cleanser 40 ml


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