[MEN] HERA Homme Black Perfect Skin 120ml from Korea_T

[MEN] HERA Homme Black Perfect Skin 120ml from Korea_T

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# An anti-aging toner making the skin look revitalized and relieving stress from men’s skin

@ Anti-wrinkle / all skin types / day&night

  • Black Perfect Blending delivers a skin purification effect, protects the skin against external irritants and provides powerful energy for a healthy and vibrant complexion.
    • Bio polysaccharide with an excellent moisture-retaining effect keeps men's dryness-prone skin smooth and moisturized.
    • Its light and refreshing finish comforts men's skin that can easily get exhausted or damaged from shaving.
  • Black Perfect Blending
    • Black Perfect Blending is the key ingredient of HERA HOMME BLACK. It is a complex of rare and precious black truffle, which is also known as diamond in the ground, and acai berry extract called the fruit from the tree of life. Black truffle purifies the skin while the antioxidant acai berry extract enhances the skin's natural protective power to help it stay healthy and protected against external irritants.
  • Abcell 2.0
    • An innovative skin cell-mimicking ingredient for skin glowing with natural health and vitality.
  • Bio polysaccharide
    • As it is a low-molecular-weight polysaccharide made through a bacterial fermentation process, it is easily and completely absorbed into the skin and helps it to retain moisture.
  • 120ml


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