Su:m37 Air rising Multi Effect BB 50ml from Korea_MU

Su:m37 Air rising Multi Effect BB 50ml from Korea_MU

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BB cream that corrects skin tone naturally, protects the skin from UV rays, and relieves the burden on the skin with a gentle spread.

  • Skin protection even in external environments
    • A flower relaxing complex is added to the prescription to relieve irritation, so that the skin threatened by harmful factors is calmed down.
  • Upgraded texture & color closer to the skin
    • Applying formulation technology to realize perfect adhesion and color for various skin tones
    • Light and non-sticky, you can complete it with a long, glowing, vital skin.
  • Design with natural light and color
    • The new design harmonizes with the natural friendly monotone color inspired by the warm single color.
  • 50ml, SPF50+/PA+++


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