Su:m37 Fleur Regenerative Basic Set (7 Items) from Korea

Su:m37 Fleur Regenerative Basic Set (7 Items) from Korea

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[su:m] means 'breath'

  • Contents : 1 Pack (11 Items)
  1. Fleur Regenerative Toner 150ml
  2. Fleur Regenerative Emulsion 130ml
  3. Fleur Regenerative Toner 20ml
  4. Fleur Regenerative Emulsion 20ml
  5. Fleur Regenerative Cream 10ml
  6. Fleur Regenerative Serum 10ml
  7. Fleur Regenerative Eye Cream 5ml


  • Fleur Regenerative Toner
    • Rich, nourishing texture of the toner helps with smooth application and keeps skin texture even and moisturized while providing vitalizing energy to the skin.
  • Fleur Regenerative Serum
    • This is a serum containing nourishment for healthy and lively skin that provides moisturization, firmness, and pleasant smoothing through its silky texture.
  • Fleur Regenerative Emulsion
    • A highly-moisturizing concentrated emulsion is applied smoothly and adheres quickly for filling the skin with firming, hydrating, and nourishing energy.
  • Fleur Regenerative Eye Cream
    • An eye cream that instantly delivers intensive nourishment along the curves of the eye area upon application while keeping the skin firm and resistant.
  • Fleur Regenerative Cream
    • A cream having a dense texture is applied smoothly and adheres tightly to deliver intensive nourishment and firming effect for moisturized and soft skin.


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