Su:m37 Water-full May 2021 Set (8 Items) from Korea

Su:m37 Water-full May 2021 Set (8 Items) from Korea

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  • Contents : 8 Items
  1. Water-full Skin Refreshing Toner 170ml
  2. Water-full Rebalancing Gel Emulsion 120ml
  3. Water-full Water Gel Cream 20ml
  4. Water-full Skin Refreshing Toner 20ml
  5. Water-full Rebalancing Gel Emulsion 20ml
  6. Water-full Water Gel Cream 10ml
  7. Water-full Blue Mune Essence 8ml
  8. Water-full Water Gel Cleansing Foam 50ml


# An intensive moisturizing care line, which the bamboo sap, which is fermented with three kinds of flowers, increases the density of moist on the skin and keeps the skin moist and vital.  The fermented bamboo sap, which is made by the mystery of fermentation, penetrates deep into the skin and in between the skins and increases density of moist on the skin.


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