2 x AHC Supreme Real Eye Cream For Face 30ml from Korea_C

2 x AHC Supreme Real Eye Cream For Face 30ml from Korea_C

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# AHC NEW Eye Cream Series - 99.9 percent purity, which provides a firm elasticity and a subtle, groovy glow of gold.

  • Rich nourishment and elasticity with fermented collagen and bifida fermented solution
  • Whitening, wrinkle-improving dual functionalities
  • Strengthen the absorption of active ingredients by applying patented technology and concentrated micro-construction.
  • Using Liposomal encapsulation technology using skin-like components, it effectively reports both water-soluble and useful ingredients at the same time. Patenting method that absorbs skin
  • It contains 50PPM gold with 99.9% purity in the formulation, giving the skin a rich nutrition and a radiant glow.
  • Ferment collagen for 24 hours with Lactobacillus to make your skin healthy. It gives you plenty of nutrition.
  • 2 x 30ml


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