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National Holidays in Korea - Lunar New Year

< National Holidays in Korea - Lunar New Year Holiday > 11 ~ 14. Feb : Lunar New Year Holiday * The office in Seoul will be closed during the period. The orders from 8(Mon) ~ 14(Sun) will be dispatched on 15. Feb.

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[Renewal Info.] Su:m37 Time Energy Resetting Skicare Set

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[Renewal Info.] Laneige White Dew Line

# Laneige White Dew Line Packaging Change # * The content is exactly same, but the pakaging was changed from March.2020.

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afterpay Introduces Afterpay!

# has partnered with Afterpay, Autralia's number 1 Buy Now Pay Later platform to give our customers greater payment flexibility from 5 Janunary 2021.  

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Cosmetics 10days(DHL) or 15days(Standard) Delivery Guarantee Program

cosmetics k-beauty toaustralia tousa offers a 10 days(DHL) or 15 days(Standard) delivery guarantee from Korea to Australia or U.S.A. If a delivery is failed, we will refund the shipping cost you paid. 10 days or 15 days : Business days except for public holidays Carrier : Standard or DHL  Refund amount : 10% of Total payment(Standard) or $25(DHL Based Currency : AU Dollar Start date : 23th. Jan. 2021 If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact us. (Preferred  '', reply within 12hours)

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