HERA Creamy Cleansing Foam 200ml from Korea_CL

HERA Creamy Cleansing Foam 200ml from Korea_CL

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# A cleansing foam to remove skin waste and keep the skin moisturized with a micro lather

@ All Skin Types / Day&Night

  • Special smooth lather as soft as ice cream
    • A cleansing product with a luxurious rich texture for a smooth lather that’s as soft as ice cream to gently cleanse and massage the skin. It does not need bubble maker; it quickly makes a rich creamy lather for the experience of delicate and exquisite cleansing at your fingertips.
  • IO-Wash technology helps wash away particulate matter and protect the skin against external irritants
    • A cleansing foam made with HERA’s original IO-Wash technology effectively absorbs and removes particulate matter clogging pores to keep the skin clear and healthy against the irritating urban environment.
  • Skin feels moisturized after cleansing
    • Hyaluronic acid helps the skin retain moisture to keep it feeling moisturized and smooth after cleansing.
  • 200ml


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