Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Invigorating Water 125ml from Korea_T

Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Invigorating Water 125ml from Korea_T

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# Precious, powerful, and everlasting with youthful energy of Red Pine - The premium total anti-aging toner formulated with highly concentrated Upright Korean Red Pine, coupled with Lentinus edode mushroom and dried ginger roots, for deep hydration.

  • Twice as more powerful than before, Red Pine DAA
    • With twice enriched Red Pine DAA which accelerates the longevity factors more effectively Timetreasure Invigorating delivers even more strong anti-aging benefits.
  • Activate the purifying capacity in aging skin, Red Pine RPPC
    • RPPC, an anti-aging component extracted from the hard bark of Red Pine, effectively cares aging factors to create younger looking skin.
  • Fine moisture particles enriched with nourishment
    • The toner gently and smoothly embraces the skin and leaves the skin texture smooth.
  • 125ml


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